We join the ranks of the carred folk


We bought a car!  Yes, we’ve grown up and bought 4 wheels.

This is quite an achievement since we have, oh, 2 motorbikes, 2 ebikes and 1 push bike.

That’s a lot of wheels

It’s a CRX we got from the Gum tree and it’s currently sitting in Adelaide!   We pick it up at the end of July…and…


I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this.

Stay tuned to see how quickly I wreck the car :P



Baking is good for the heart


Sewing for the soul.

Baking for the heart.

I’m heading over to my good friend’s house tomorrow afternoon for some well deserved girly crafty time and decided to bake some melting moments using this recipe.

They turned out smashing!  I made one little adjustment.  I used strawberries not raspberries for the filling and added some lemon rind for a nice sour kick.



It’s now 7pm and I’ve had too much icing…SEWINGATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be sure to check my sewing blog for updates in about….oh….20 minutes :P



Introducing the Couture Academic


Hey dear dear readers!

I’ve been thinking for quite some time now that I may need two blogs.  My sewing projects have been increasing in number as my passion increases simultaneously.

I’m also really passionate about gardening and DIY, but I think that having a sewing only blog would be a good idea.  That way, you can follow either or both, depending on the type of information/posts you like.

It’s been a busy couple of days migrating my sewing posts over but I’d like to introduce the latest member of the family…

This blog was born out of the desire to bring quality to sewing.  All my projects are there with an emphasis on quality workmanship with a good dose of fun (of course!).  As you’ve been reading lately, I’m really enjoying ‘slow sewing’ and want to give voice to that.  I also wanted to give voice to my academic background, since it is a large part of my life and a part of my personal style.

I hope you like the new blog.  I’ve included a dictionary of hand stitches that I use as well as tailoring techniques.  I’ve done alot over in CA land, but I’m still adding techniques.

So, long and short of it is, same great product – new bottle!  I’ll be posting my sewing projects at the CA from now on, but still posting my gardening/DIY projects here!

So, if you want to keep up with my sewing, click on the giant banner above, which will take you to my new blog.  If you also want to keep up with my gardening/DIY adventure, please stay put!

What do you think of the move?  Please feel free to let me know as my blog is nothing without you, my dear readers.



The story of wine and chocolate


I’m sitting here on a lovely Saturday evening eating a square of dark chocolate with a fine glass of Edgecombe fortified shiraz…simply because the guy at the cellar told me to.  And good advice it was indeed.  All you Perthites should go to the Swan Valley and pick up a bottle of their fortified shiraz.  And some dark chocolate.

But I digress.  This experience reminded me of a lovely dinner Chris and I had at Chapter One Brasserie in Subi (another Perth recommend) and a related wine and chocolate related life lesson.   A tasty, tasty life lesson.

We had just finished a fantastic dinner which left me satisfied but not grotesquely full, thankfully.  I had room for dessert.  Namely, the dark chocolate torte – and a chef’s specialty at that.  Oh yeah, he’s Belgian too.  Freaking no brainer there.

When the chocolate arrived I felt bad…in a good way.  I said to the (very knowledgeable) waiter, “Sir, do you have a port you would recommend to accompany this fine dark chocolate torte?”.  He replied (to my delight), “I know just what you need.  It’ll be..” I interrupted with, “No, no, no!  Don’t tell me the price…just bring it to me”

And he did

And it was…exquisite.  Combined with the chocolate it was… indescribable.

Lesson I learned from this tasty, tasty experience was; if you’re going all out, do it properly.  I don’t do it often, but when I do, I get the good port.  So to speak.

Love to hear your most memorable food experiences.  It’s truly one of life’s greatest gifts and finest pleasures.