Sweetheart bag tutorial


Hi there!

You can now find this tutorial on my new blog!  See you there!


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  3. Hi, I made 2 of these bags in the past two days! Love the pattern!! However, I changed the closure for mine; instead of using the magnetic snap, I used a small 2 piece clip…the kind you see on dog collars…I fashioned a strap to hold each piece of the clip with bias tape, making it a little more appealing with a small embroidered design on it. The first bag was a bust, because I used some left over wool that I had, but made the mistake of making the lining a lightweight wool, which was just too thick to put in my machine. Problem solved by hand-sewing the lining to the bag itself. I also made my second bag out of some medium weight upholstery material, and lined it with a coordinating green flannel.
    My question is, I noticed on the pattern that you ask not to sell it…..am I able to sell my finished bags while giving full credit for the pattern to you? I think someone else asked that, but I didn’t see an answer to it. I don’t want to do anything unsavory with this, but I own a small herb shop, and these bags would make a great item for my store. I will post a pic on my FB page, under my company name “LunarWisdomHerbals” if you’d like to take a look.
    I would really like your advice as to the sale-ability of the finished bags.
    Thank you,

  4. Hi Kat, I absolutely love this bag, I enlarged the pattern as I found it a bit too small for all my junk.. Everyone loves it and have made many for free for family and friends and get asked if I can see them. Just checking to see if that’s ok with you,
    Thank you for the best bag ever

    • Hey Beau! So glad you love the bag. Have a blast selling them and hope you are successful. All I ask is that you give me credit for the pattern. Thank you for checking with me! Cheers, Kat

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