The story of wine and chocolate


I’m sitting here on a lovely Saturday evening eating a square of dark chocolate with a fine glass of Edgecombe fortified shiraz…simply because the guy at the cellar told me to.  And good advice it was indeed.  All you Perthites should go to the Swan Valley and pick up a bottle of their fortified shiraz.  And some dark chocolate.

But I digress.  This experience reminded me of a lovely dinner Chris and I had at Chapter One Brasserie in Subi (another Perth recommend) and a related wine and chocolate related life lesson.   A tasty, tasty life lesson.

We had just finished a fantastic dinner which left me satisfied but not grotesquely full, thankfully.  I had room for dessert.  Namely, the dark chocolate torte – and a chef’s specialty at that.  Oh yeah, he’s Belgian too.  Freaking no brainer there.

When the chocolate arrived I felt bad…in a good way.  I said to the (very knowledgeable) waiter, “Sir, do you have a port you would recommend to accompany this fine dark chocolate torte?”.  He replied (to my delight), “I know just what you need.  It’ll be..” I interrupted with, “No, no, no!  Don’t tell me the price…just bring it to me”

And he did

And it was…exquisite.  Combined with the chocolate it was… indescribable.

Lesson I learned from this tasty, tasty experience was; if you’re going all out, do it properly.  I don’t do it often, but when I do, I get the good port.  So to speak.

Love to hear your most memorable food experiences.  It’s truly one of life’s greatest gifts and finest pleasures.



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