Pattern Making – Week 4


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  1. Very cool….I love pencil skirts with a bit of twist…or flounce, in this case. Would love to do a pattern making course….will check TAFE options over here. (Sydney)

    PS …still havent perfected the Burda top…my iterations seem to be getting worse, not better! I think it’s my fabric…the last one, a black ponti is too stiff! The second one, a stretchy poly knit, was too stretchy, with major droops in the back…and the first, a grey stable knit, was the best but I did some major trimming to side seems cos it was huge…despite correct size for my measurements….I perist!

    • Hey CherryPix! You may also have more options than TAFE in Sydney – not sure if there are other indie sewing schools there. Perth is pretty limited in choice. Found the TAFE course to be great, though…but that depends heavily on the instructor.
      Good on you for persisting…I’m convinced that it’s the best way to learn – to do things wrong until you get it right. That way it really sticks! You build up so much experience that way, that before you know it you’ll just automatically pick the right fabric for the job without too much fuss…can’t wait till I get there :P
      BTW, what BS (that’s BurdaStyle not bull sh*t) pattern are you using again?

      • Hi again…it’s the shrug shoulder one…you made a fabulous striped version….very Parisian looking…. my issue is narrow shoulders, larger bust…I trace the size for bust and try to cut down shoulders….really need to put the online course I did re FBAs to practice….

      • Right, of course! I remember now…brain block. I hear you about pattern adjustment pain. I had an ‘interesting’ time making my muslin for Gertie’s bombshell dress (yes, there were tears…). The boobie cups were too small and I have a bit of a sunken chest, so that didn’t help either – being a bustier dress and all. I tried and tried flat pattern adjustment to no avail. I have a lot to learn in that respect, hence the pattern making course. What worked for me in the end (and the only thing that worked) was putting a well fitting bra on my duck tape mannequin, cutting out my pieces with HUGE seam allowances and draping and pinning until it fit like a, well, glove…but for boobs. Anyways, do you have a dummy? It helped me HEAPS! I found that draping and pinning on my dummy until it fit was a total breakthrough. Totally recommend making one. Threads has a good tut.

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